Restoring Spiritual Passion

Gordon McDonald is one of my favorite authors. He has written many books. Recently I finished reading, for the second time, his book, Restoring Your Spiritual Passion. The basic premise of this book is that we are doing more and enjoying it less. We have become a "weary" people. He writes, "Weariness is not the … Continue reading Restoring Spiritual Passion

Clippings from “Spiritual Leadership”

Day 4 of J. Oswald Sanders and Spiritual Leadership. Chapter 6 = Insights on Leadership from St. Paul Sanders reviews St. Paul's instructions to his protege, Timothy, regarding the characteristics of a spiritual leader: the overseer must be above reproach, the husband of but one wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not given … Continue reading Clippings from “Spiritual Leadership”

Clippings from “Spiritual Leadership”

Day 3 of J. Oswald Sanders and Spiritual Leadership. Oh man... today's chapter was a good one! It was packed with so much material! BUT in the interest of brevity AND to make up for yesterday's data dump, I'm not going to post all of the good content. If you're interested in it... buy the … Continue reading Clippings from “Spiritual Leadership”

Clippings from “Spiritual Leadership”

Day 2 of Oswald Sanders and Spiritual Leadership. Chapter 3 = The Master's Master Principle Sanders points to Jesus' revolutionary teaching on leadership = the greatest leaders are the greatest servants. (see Mark 10:42-43) Six qualities of a servant leader: Dependence - "As we become empty of self and dependent on God, the Holy Spirit … Continue reading Clippings from “Spiritual Leadership”

Clippings from “Spiritual Leadership”

This morning I started reading through J. Oswald Sanders' classic book, Spiritual Leadership. This is the second or third time I've read through this book and as always am deeply moved by it! John Maxwell says of this book, "No other book has influenced my life the way this one has." Over the next few … Continue reading Clippings from “Spiritual Leadership”

Confidence and humility

Reading from Tim Keller's book Reason for God I came across these words that quite adequately describe my experience (all bolding is my own). When my own personal grasp of the gospel was very weak, my self-view swung wildly between two poles. When I was performing up to my standards - in academic work, professional … Continue reading Confidence and humility

Is your religion real?

God has created a magnificent tag-team - A.W. Tozer and Craig Groeschel. These two guys (one dead and one living) are absolutely pounding my heart and changing the way I pray these days. By the way, in case you're wondering... Tozer is the dead one. Groeschel preached a series called Practical Atheist (watch it here) … Continue reading Is your religion real?

Re-engage old truths

A.W. Tozer, in his book The Divine Conquest, writes, Neglected Christian truths can be revitalized only when by prayer and long meditation we isolate them from the mass of hazy ideas with which our minds are filled and hold them steadily and determinedly in the focus of the mind's attention. Tozer is right on particularly … Continue reading Re-engage old truths