4 keys to effective communication for fathers

As fathers we have the incredible responsibility of leading in our homes, and one of the key responsibilities of leadership is effective communication. One of the most effective means of communication is... words. Gordon McDonald says, "A father initiates action in his family through words, and he motivates continuous action through words." Four ground rules … Continue reading 4 keys to effective communication for fathers

Making progress in the right places

Richard Swenson, author of the book Margin, suggests that there are five basic environments in which humans engage: Physical environment (wealth, technology, health - the material world) Cognitive environment (knowledge, information, education - the intellectual world) Social environment (family, friends, neighbors, church - the societal world) Emotional environment (feelings, attitudes - the psychological world) Spiritual … Continue reading Making progress in the right places

The secret to effective organizations

The secret to successful organizations is the placement of people, particularly leaders. Peter Drucker writes, In human affairs, the distance between the leaders and the average is a constant. If leadership performance is high, the average will go up. The effective executive knows that it is easier to raise the performance of one leader than … Continue reading The secret to effective organizations

Working with a church board

Two books that every senior pastor should read and lead his/her board through are: Go Big - by Bil Cornelius and Bill Easum, and The Unity Factor (the 2006 edition) by Larry Osborne These books approach the subject of church leadership differently, but both are well worth the read! In Go Big, the authors strongly … Continue reading Working with a church board

Required reading for leaders

If you're a leader and you're not interacting with Patrick Lencioni you are doing yourself and those you lead a disservice! Lencioni has a wonderful story telling gift that he employs to teach critical leadership lessons! I like him because his books are simple, common-sense, and yet compelling. He looks at leadership issues through a … Continue reading Required reading for leaders

Have the hard conversation

Right now I'm reading Timothy Ferriss' book, "The 4-Hour Work Week." Lest you think it's a book for lazy people let me tell you, getting to the "4 hour work week" requires rigorous discipline and a monster-size commitment to focused work! Anyhow, reading last night I came across this quote, "A person's success in life … Continue reading Have the hard conversation

Billy Graham on change

If you haven't read The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham, do yourself, and those you lead, a favor and buy it here... and then read and apply it! In a chapter titled, "Innovating" the authors ask the question, "Why the strong motivation to innovate?" And then they write, Billy's associates insist his drive to innovate … Continue reading Billy Graham on change