Getting back in the swing of things

I just wrapped up a podcast interview with Jennifer Ford Berry from the 29 Minute Mom. We had a great talk about ladies, marriage, parenting, and exercise... and we did it in 29 minutes! At the end of the podcast she pointed people to my blog! As soon as she did that I said (in my … Continue reading Getting back in the swing of things

3 Ideas to get “Unstuck” spiritually

I am in the middle of a conversation with someone who is "stuck" spiritually. This person doesn't like being stuck, but isn't sure how to get "unstuck." I just sent them three ideas and thought it might be helpful for someone else too... so here they are: Help someone who cannot return the favor Most … Continue reading 3 Ideas to get “Unstuck” spiritually

Thinking about “Urgency”

I've been thinking a lot about urgency lately. Here are a few unedited and non-finalized thoughts about this subject: When I am urgent about something I am laser-focused on it. It is almost impossible to be urgent about multiple things simultaneously. Urgency in one area generally means neglect of other areas. How do I live … Continue reading Thinking about “Urgency”

Stop worrying about your clothes

Right now I'm really busy. This weekend I will officiate at a wedding, preach a sermon, and then carry out my pastoral duties at a funeral... the funeral of a friend. This busy weekend comes right in the middle of a teaching series I am doing at church called, "Making Space." As I am preparing to … Continue reading Stop worrying about your clothes

Making space in a packed life

"When good things begin to happen, other good things begin to fall through the cracks." That is exactly what happened to the leaders of the church when it was in its early days. It's something that happens to leaders today too. Things start going well, and then things start falling apart, and it's often the … Continue reading Making space in a packed life

If there is a God… why does he allow evil things to happen?

I hear this question a lot. I've even wrestled with the "why God?" question myself. This morning, while reading St. James I had a thought about this matter. Let me show you what I read and then I'll share the thought: Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it … Continue reading If there is a God… why does he allow evil things to happen?

When you’re the best man in the room… go to another room.

This morning I had a conversation with someone about the value of setting goals. This person is trying to figure out what goals to set. For all intents and purposes this person is doing well: physically attractive, financially set, intellectually sharp, relationally fulfilled. What else could someone want? Right? We talked for a while and … Continue reading When you’re the best man in the room… go to another room.

Why pastors don’t always preach

  This past weekend I didn't preach at the church I love! I LOVE to preach, but I don't always preach. Sometimes people wonder why preachers don't preach every Sunday. They may even wonder what they do when they're not preaching. Those are fair questions. Here are the reasons I don't preach every Sunday: Family Vacation. … Continue reading Why pastors don’t always preach