Marriage, Millionaires, and Leadership

What do all three of these have in common?

Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus, in their book Leaders, “interviewed and observed” ninety leaders; “Sixty [interviews] with successful CEOs, all corporate presidents or chairmen of boards, and thirty with outstanding leaders from the public sector.”

They were seeking to identify commonalities in successful leaders.

They write,

“In short, with one exception, there were no surprises, demographically, in the CEO group; as a group, they corresponded to the various profiles of corporate leadership in America.”

And then they unveil the exception:

“The only surprise worth mentioning is that almost all were married to their first spouse. And not only that: They were also indefatigably enthusiastic about marriage as an institution.”

Now the “millionaires” piece and then I’ll make the connection.

In their book The Millionaire Next Door, Thomas Stanley and William Danko write,

“Nearly 95 percent of millionaire households are composed of married couples.”

The point of this post?

When you get it right in the home you are more likely to get it right in other areas too.

Pay attention to your marriage!

2 thoughts on “Marriage, Millionaires, and Leadership

  1. Hey, Paul – Thanks for the inspiration of this post. It’s so easy sometimes to take our marriages – the daily ups and downs of it – for granted. But aside from our relationship with God, our relationship with our spouses needs to take first priority. Look at the impact that a simple (yet sometimes not easy) decision to commit and stay committed to your marriage can make! It’s a little bit scary, and a little bit exciting, to think of the impact that I can have on my husband – for good or for bad, with the little decisions and actions I take every day.

    Your post is also timely considering all the things that are in the news these days about the NY governor !!

    Take Care,

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