Cincinnati – Day Three

Day Three

  • Rindy and I met with Tom Planck and Luke Dooley. Tom is the lead pastor and Luke is the students pastor of Journey Church. These guys were gracious and very insightful. I’m loving the community of church planters in the Ohio region.
  • I met with the principle of Little Miami High School. He was friendly and connected me to the lady who schedules the Little Miami School district facilities. Now that’s a good connection, eh? I asked him how a church plant could best add value to a school. He gave some great pointers, but by far, the best one was, “Create opportunities for the students to get involved in community service.”
  • Ate some Gold Star Chili and felt the warm glow of divine pleasure! Ahhhhh… What you’re looking at in this picture is a coney and a 5-way bowl of chili. A 5-way is: spaghetti, meat, beans, onions, and cheese! Add a Pepsi to that and you know why Cincinnati is so great!

By the way, some who read this blog, have made disparaging remarks about Gold Star on this blog. That is unacceptable. Completely unacceptable. In fact, I have threatened to ban Joni from this blog if she continues this buffoonery. 😉

  • BONUS MATERIAL: It doesn’t matter if you are in Atlanta or Cincinnati… where there is coffee and free wireless internet there will be pastors. By the way, have you noticed that all pastors are starting to look alike? What am I doing? I’m sitting in a coffee shop with free wireless internet looking like the two pastors seated behind me. Good grief! I’m gonna grow a mullet and sit in Gold Star.
  • Spent some time sipping coffee with Rindy and Ray Brock, a church planter in Goshen, Ohio. One of the best parts of this internship is learning how to start a new church from guys who have already done it.

9 thoughts on “Cincinnati – Day Three

  1. Hi, Paul! I was interested in the book you talked about a few posts back about Fathers and Dtrs. Do you have any others you recommend? I am looking for something to give a single father of a pre-teen girl. I would like something on CD. Any thoughts?

  2. If that chili was at the right chili place, it wouldn’t look so revolting.
    seriously, Gold Star has the flavor of a dumbbell.
    or something like that?

  3. This is why I love and miss you soooo much…entries like this…You are great….need I say any more…..

  4. This is the World Famous Chili you mentioned once or twice? It looks like glorified spaghetti. It’s a wonderful example of how different people are and their perspectives. I can only take your word that it’s the best because my body is a temple and if I ate that It may not be able to be raised of the couch or toilet 3 days later.

  5. Ok so the chili lived up to the hype… pretty good stuff. I’m not so sure about the noodles though… I kinda prefer cornbread (its a southern thing I guess).

    Have you been to the Varsity yet? If not… we need to go before you leave.

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