Orlando – Day Two

Tonight at dinner we discussed our high point and low point of the day.

Low Point

We missed the key note address by Andy Stanley today because we were helping get the room in order for John Burke to speak. Moving 500 chairs and setting up audio/visual equipment takes some time you know.

Sure I was a little upset but in the midst of it all it occurred to me that quite frankly, the most important thing is to help… to simply serve. So I served.

I know that someday people will be making sacrifices to help set up Walls Down Church, so I wanted to model the way today. Was it fun? Not so much, but the reward of seeing a room filled with people made it worth it all

High Point

On the other hand I had an exciting conversation with Bishop David Roller and met some of my other friends from days past.

I was able to connect with a couple of church planters from the Cincinnati area and again was impressed by their Kingdom mindset.

And then of course there was coffee at the place pictured below… a once in a lifetime opportunity! 8)

And so goes day two…

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