Marketing principles

Last week we were working on our marketing strategy = how we let people know about Walls Down Church.

We settled on three big principles that will guide how we market ourselves.

Everything we do will be:

  1. Bold. People will stop and look.
  2. Simple. People will know who we are and what we are marketing (e.g. a sermon series, etc.)
  3. Obvious. People will know what to do next.

Bold may be edgy but it doesn’t have to be. It simply requires that the form in which we present Walls Down or our particular idea makes people stop, raise their eyebrows, and say, “Hmmm…” or “Wow!” (Thanks Dan Walton for this great illustration!)

walls down logo idea

Simple is just that… not cluttered. Chipotle does a great job at keeping it simple! (Check out the link to their website!)


Obvious takes the guesswork out of the picture. For us, the key is to drive everyone to our website where they can find very simple next steps.

2 thoughts on “Marketing principles

  1. Here is the thing that I have been wrestling with when it comes to marketing my church, it is easy to try to drive people the the website because the communication can be so clear there (text, photos, video, etc) but how do we clearly communicate the same message to the “down & outers” that don’t have easy access to the internet?

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