Walls Down @ Showcase?

We are in conversation with the decision-makers from Showcase Cinema regarding the possibility of Walls Down being the church in the theater!

Today we are meeting with the local manager to discuss logistics (e.g. how many theaters we can use; whether or not we can use hallways; etc.).

We are going to propose a value-added relationship. In other words, we don’t just want to be “renters.” We want the employees and management of the theater to be glad we are there! We believe we can add value through means such as:

  • Periodically offering a team of volunteers to help around the theater (e.g. wash windows, etc.). We expect to care for the facilities as our own.
  • Regularly making bulk purchases of tickets to be used in our assimilation process.
  • Offering to have the snack bar up and running before, during, and after our services. This gives the theater an opportunity to increase employee hours and increase revenue.
  • Marketing such ideas as “Church and a movie” to the community.
  • Because this area sees a lot of guests (because of Kings Island, etc.) we will market Walls Down in the hotels, etc. and consequently bring more people through the doors of the theater than might otherwise come on a typical weekend.

We also believe that we will add value because of the the message of life that we will be regularly teaching! At the end of the day, when life is the theme of your organization, there will be peripheral health! We believe that wherever we meet, an overflow of life will positively impact them!
theater seats
If you are reading this post, please take a minute to breath a prayer for the decision makers at Showcase AND Walls Down Church! Pray that God will give us the perfect location for Walls Down to accomplish our mission of helping people discover the life Jesus promised!

5 thoughts on “Walls Down @ Showcase?

  1. When my old church met in a theater, my favorite part(well not the FAVORITE) were the cool cup holders, comfy seats and the smell of popcorn. One thing we tried to do was clean well because those theater floors can get NASTY. Sounds like you’ve got a great proposal for them. Praying for you!

  2. Sounds great ! With the great positve impact that Walls Down would bring, this should be a “no-brainer” decision! I am praying!!

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