Some Walls Down Waddup

The journey continues…

  • After multiple interactions with the theater, we have walked away from the table. We are not prepared to pay what they are asking in return for what they are willing to give. The search continues.
  • This morning, a friend and trusted financial leader committed to joining the Walls Down Financial Team. He is a member of another church, but offers keen insight and experience in things financial. While this team is not a decision making team per se (i.e. they won’t be voting, etc.) they will: help to guide Walls Down leadership through strategic financial decisions, provide fiscal accountability, and serve as “wise counsel” in all things financial. I’m pleased with this new addition.
  • Yesterday I had to have a difficult conversation with a potential staff member. I told him that we would not be bringing him on the Walls Down staff because of some theological issues. The sucky thing here was that this man had an incredible resume, and I liked him personally. In making this decision, I was struck by the weight of Bill Hybels’ insight, “Truly, most of the worst managerial calamities I’ve caused – ones in which people got deeply hurt – can be traced back to my being overly optimistic putting people in roles they were ill equipped to play.” This individual was thoroughly equipped in many areas and would have made an valuable contribution to the team, and someday will make an incredible contribution wherever he serves. At the end of the day however, I felt as if the theological issue was a make or break deal. These are the days when leadership sucks.
  • I am preparing to enter a new round of fund-raising for Walls Down. We currently have three budgets that we are working with: Pre-launch; Start-up; and Operational. As we move forward, my financial priorities are: 1) making sure my family is provided for; 2) making sure Walls Down gets started well; 3) making sure our staff is cared for. At this point in the journey, all our staff, and any prospective staff, know that a part of being on the team consists of raising their own funds/income, just like Rindy and me. No promises or time-lines have been set regarding when the church will be able to support staff members, or me. We are all committed to raising our own support until the church is financially capable of providing an income for us.
  • We are looking forward to our next meeting in the park on September 20th where we look forward to connecting with more new friends, sharing the vision of Walls Down Church, and inviting them to join us!

One thought on “Some Walls Down Waddup

  1. Paul,
    You will never be sorry for the choice to be certain and solid on your theology. Have you read Rainer’s book on Insights from the Unchurched? He has a whole chapter dedicated to Doctrine. Here are a couple of quotes to hang on the wall (smirk) of Walls Down Church:

    (for the study)
    “The doctrine that attracted the formerly unchurched was not just any belief system, but a theology that could best be described as conservative, evangelical, and uncompromising.”

    (for the lobby)
    “Doctrine really matters”

    Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching. 2 Tim 4:2, NLT

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