Some Walls Down waddup

There’s a flood of activity happening!

  • Beginning October 19th we will be meeting weekly. The first two meetings (Oct. 19 & 26) will be informational in nature. Beginning in November we will begin weekly services leading up to our “public launch” on January 4th.
  • We’re still looking at buildings for our large group gatherings. We’re in conversation with a local elementary school and looking, again, at a theater. Tony Mccollum has some great insight on church in theaters by the way.
  • I’m so ready to be meeting weekly and loving on and leading the church!
  • Other fun stuff includes:
    • finalizing our insurance policies for our team and facilities
    • finalizing our marketing plans
    • prepping to make purchases for Walls Down
    • refining our systems
    • writing bylaws
    • discussing marketing strategies
  • I can’t escape, and don’t want to for that matter, the quiet whisper of God calling me and our team to a life of holiness that will set the pace for Walls Down Church. It’s a big deal to lead anything, but to lead a church, when God says “I’m holding you accountable for the church” (Heb. 13:17; James 3:1) is quite a different matter!

2 thoughts on “Some Walls Down waddup

  1. The latter two verses weigh heavily on what I have been thinking about recently Paul. Thanks for striving to lead with passion, excellence and holiness to the glory of your Father and for the impact of your world for the Kingdom!

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