Walls Down and Re-Think Money

As we get closer to the public launch of Walls Down Church we have some big events coming!

We are proud to be partnering with Re-Think Money and Big Picture Media Group to bring two great events to the Maineville/Landen area:

Re-Think Money for pastors is an event created for church leaders to help the people in their churches decrease debt and increase giving! Thanks to a strategic partnership with Big Picture Media Group, we will be providing this seminar free to 30 pastors. Each pastor can bring up to two people with him/her.

The normal cost for this event is $250. The cost for local pastors on this one is free.

Re-Think Money for the public is a life-changing seminar! Casey Graham will teach a four step process for financial health. This seminar typically costs $40 per couple. The cost for the local community is… free.

At Walls Down, one of the regular seminars we will be hosting is Re-Think Money. We have a trained coach who will work one-on-one with families and individuals as they work towards financial peace and freedom!

Some have wondered why we are offering this seminar for FREE to local churches and the community.

There are two reasons that we are offering this seminar for free:

  1. One of our guiding financial principles is generosity. We will be over the top generous with everything God gives us. This is just the beginning!
  2. A very practical way Walls Down can add value to the community is to offer fresh perspective on an old problem… finances. We want the families in our community to experience the life Jesus promised, and that includes financial freedom. We will offer this seminar with regularity so that we can provide hope and partner with Re-Think Money to “see lives changed one dollar at a time” (Re-Think’s mission statement).

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