Two thoughts for church planters

Perry Noble records two thoughts that Seth Godin shared at Catalyst. These two thoughts must be wrestled with as we start new churches. They impact everything from how we promote our core group gatherings to how we market our launch.

And now the two questions:

  • People ask two questions when invited to something, “Who is going to be there & Who is going to lead us?”
  • You have to be willing to do something other people will criticize–people are not looking for a safe leader.

2 thoughts on “Two thoughts for church planters

  1. Hey Paul,
    I just ran accross this blog, the new church sounds exciting!! Looks like you have been busy.
    I am planning on putting your new walls up on your new Walls Down Multi-Ministry facility in a couple of years!! You will be building a new church before you know it.
    Good to see ya. I hope all is well.

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