Some Walls Down waddup

It’s coming together!

  • We have a team from Mountain Lake Church coming up this weekend to help us present two Re-Think Money conferences – one for churches (on Saturday) and one for the public (on Sunday). They’re also helping us get the word out about Walls Down Church! I can’t wait to see my friends from Atlanta! We’re putting last minute touches on the agenda for them and you can bet that some Cincinnati Chili is on the list! Yea Baby!
  • I’m looking forward to seeing my friend and the president of Re-Think Money, Casey Graham! If you haven’t re-thought money… this dude is the man to connect with! He has changed my life. I love him in a very manly, rugged, brutish, macho kind of way.
  • I really want to serve with other churches in our area… not against them. We’re not in competition. While we will be different in our approach we will be working for the same cause – to make Jesus famous in a good way!
  • I’m looking forward to preaching again. Next week I’m going to start a 3-week teaching series in which I’m going to talk about three gifts that Jesus gives that will change our lives forever!
  • To start a new church you must be able to endure extreme adrenaline surges, last minute cancellations, disappointments, unexpected surprises, and mini miracles on a regular basis. It’s a great way to live!

4 thoughts on “Some Walls Down waddup

  1. Great post Paul! I’m excited for the happenings at Walls Down.

    The following comment thrilled my little heart!
    “I really want to serve with other churches in our area… not against them. We’re not in competition. ”

    YES! I’m so glad you “get this”. We all play for the same team and Walls Down will be so much healthier with this perspective!

  2. I’m jealous all this MLC love is coming your way and Mike and I can’t be there! Hope your ReThink Money events are a smashing success. Miss you and your ladies.

  3. Paul, I think that rebuilding churches have the same kind of emotions. I appreciate the “we may do it differently” sentiment. Preach the Word in season and out of season (when it’s convenient or not)!

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