Some Walls Down waddup

Starting a new church is an experience in emotional diversity! Excitement, disappointment, Courage, fear, Strategy, adjustments, etc.

It’s blazing these days around here so let me give you some of the best “waddup”.

  • Tuesday night we had a meeting at my house to share the vision of Walls Down and prepare for this weekend. It’s cool to host people you never met before but who are interested in being a part of the team that God uses to start a new church! The people in our living room were so diverse it was ridiculous! From a former Buddhist to an ex-con… from single moms to a lady who had been divorced from her husband but is now remarried to him… it was a menagerie of grace!
  • This Sunday is our first “Preview Service.” This service will give people a chance to see what Walls Down is going to be like! Pray for this one guys!
  • Getting ready for this weekend we’ve had a marketing disaster! To make a long story short, it has been announced that we are holding our first service at the Columbia Elementary School. It has also been announced that we are holding our first service at the YMCA Express. So, on Sunday morning we will have people showing up at two different locations. Nice. The ray of hope here is that these two facilities are literally two minutes apart! We will have a team on the ground at Columbia pointing people back to the YMCA Express. So, for the record, we are meeting at the YMCA Express in Maineville.
  • I had a band lined up for this weekend. Yesterday (Wednesday) I got word that they weren’t going to do it. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I spent several hours on the phone and lined up a band from Crossroads Church to help us out! Thanks guys!
  • I am currently in conversation with several people about the possibility of joining the Walls Down Team. These are exciting conversations! It’s amazing to pull back the curtain and see how God has been working in the stories of our lives!
  • I am really excited about two church plants beginning within the next two weeks. Both of these guys are my friends, and both of them are going to help a lot of people find Jesus:
    • Shaun King launches Courageous Church in Atlanta this weekend! Shaun has the best tagline for a church I’ve ever seen: “Love God! Love People! Prove It!” These guys prove it like no one I’ve ever seen! Shaun, we’re praying for you and your team!
    • Jeff Murphy, launches mychurch in Columbus, Georgia next weekend! Jeff and I spent a year together at Mountain Lake Church doing a church planting residency. I love this guy and can’t wait to see how God uses him!


One thought on “Some Walls Down waddup

  1. I’m praying for you too brotherman. Keep pushing hard. We’ve had all of the same problems you are having (band, drama, etc.) and you just keep on going.

    Hold it down!


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