What are organizational systems and processes (2 of 6)

Bathtime. That’s a big deal in our home! We have four (soon to be five) little people PLUS mommy and daddy! You can be sure that we have a system for bathtime… a way we do it. The system is comprised of small steps (processes): who does the bathing? When is it done? Where is it done (bathtub or shower)? Where are the towels? Who dries and dresses? And the list goes on. The system is working when all of the processes are in place and executed properly.

I like to define systems as, “A group of processes that when working together achieve a desired result.” Processes are to systems what Legos are to a Lego house. An individual Lego piece is nothing, but when strategically placed together with other Lego pieces it works to create a magnificent structure!

So that’s it! Not too complex but necessary and helpful!

(Tomorrow I’ll make the case that system/processes have a biblical precedent.)

Did you miss it?

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