After church thoughts (7/12/09)

Today was the first day of Chapter Two.

What is “Chapter Two”? The first ten years of this church represent Chapter One. They represent the vision and hard work of Pastor Carl Morton.

Chapter Two represents what happens from this point forward.

Some highlights from this weekend:

  • Today was the first time I’ve ever preached here. Last Sunday was an interview, but today I preached. It’s great getting used to people and watching them get used to you.
  • Because we are focusing on the idea of “Simple”, we stripped the stage of everything. Nothing was up there but my table and stool. We stripped the walls. We sang accapella. We didn’t use technology. We were simple!
  • Today was the first day of our children’s ministry. My very pregnant bride stepped up to the plate and initiated a children’s ministry effort! Amy Hedstrom stepped up again helped with the kiddos! It was great to hear the music and “kid noise” coming from the kids area!
  • We ministered to 24 people today.
  • Ken Snyder is incredible! That dude was fixing breakers, running sound, taping wires down, finding batteries for headsets, and helping me remember people’s names! I’m glad Ken is part of our church!
  • Today’s sermon was “Simple Unity.” Essentially, we (the church) are a team with a job to do… a mission to accomplish. The best way to accomplish that mission is to have a unified, healthy, focused team. I taught three principles for achieving and maintaining unity in the church:
    • We act out of love
    • We run to problems
    • We forgive on another
  • This morning I shared with our church that last week I received an e-mail from someone who referred to my passion and then said, “I guess I should expect that from a 34 year old.” Here’s a little something you should know, I was referred to as passionate when I was 24, and by God’s grace I’m going to keep being passionate. I’m going to be the most passionate old dude you’ve EVER seen! Why? I’m passionate because I believe what I preach. I believe that Jesus Christ changes lives. He has changed mine and I want to tell the world. That’s why I’m passionate. No excuses. No apologies. No regrets. I am passionate because I’m living a new life!

Church, I want you to know this, we are called to help other people find God. We are going to do that. We will hear our halls ring with the sounds of children’s laughter. We are going to hear stories of marriages that have been reconciled, addicts that have been liberated, emotionally wounded people who have found hope again, angry people who have discovered peace, and on and on and on… We will watch in amazement as people acknowledge Jesus as their leader and are baptized as a public acknowledgement of their faith. We will worship as we see God working powerfully in our lives and in the lives of our family, friends, neighbors, and people around the world. We are a part of a great story that God is writing. We have what it takes and when we align our energy and resources with our mission… we’ll fall on our face and worship our great God as we see the things He brings to pass!

One thought on “After church thoughts (7/12/09)

  1. 34? Why, you’re a spring chicken! Those with passion can accomplish meaningful, positive things. Those without have two choices: (1) criticize the ones with passion, which procures the negative; (2) find your passion.

    So many people walk around aimless, not knowing their passion. Fear, resistance, and lack of self worth often keep them from attempting to find it.

    This is your life. You were put here for a reason. No matter what your age, it’s not too late!



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