After church thoughts (9/13/09)

We started a new sermon series today – “God is…”. In this sermon series we are taking God up on His promise, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13).

godis logo

Some highlights from today:

  • We brought all of the kids in for the music. It was energizing to see all of the little people in the auditorium!
  • Today Chan Carroll of led us in worship. I love introducing him as “Chan Carroll from Chan Carroll dot com.” Not sure why… I just do.
  • Today we announced our partnership with Ebinport Elementary. This partnership will allow us to represent God and meet the needs of many right in our backyard! This puts feet on our profession of faith! Last week we were able to send a volunteer out shopping and purchase the entire “need-right-now-list” given to us by the administration! Church, this is what Christians do… we make our communities better because of how we serve. Way to go!
  • The teaching point today = “If God is The Judge, who are you living your life to please?” I asked, “Is it possible that we are living our lives to please people who at best can make us more comfortable, and at worse can make us a bit more uncomfortable?” You can hear the entire sermon online at (you can do a lot more there too).
  • We are encouraging our entire church to read through the whole book of Psalms this month (download the reading guide here)! We actually have an 11 year old young man in our church that has finished it already!
  • Included in the Psalm reading guide there is a journal to enter your “God is…” thoughts as you read through Psalms. Every week we are asking people to come and write their “God is…” observations on the front wall of our stage! Some may draw a picture, one traced a hand today, others may create videos… we are simply building a “God is…” wall! A tribute to His greatness and a memorial to our journey!
  • On September 27 (Sunday night) @ 6 p.m. we are going to have a worship climax. We will have been seeking God daily through reading the Psalms, learning more about Him weekly during the teaching time, going public with our discoveries as we put them on the wall and share them with others, and seeing His promise come true that “those who seek me will find me.” We will come together for a night of profound worship. PW Gopal of will be leading us!

Church! I’m excited about this journey! God will transform us as we seek Him and a transformed people will be a conduit of God’s power and love to the people around us… and the world. Our lives are about to change forever!

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