Five marks of a financial genius

Admittedly I am no financial guru BUT I am studying these things because I need to be!

I need to be financially astute because I am:

  • A husband to one and a daddy to five girls (can you say “Weddings”).
  • A pastor (In addition to the fact that this is much like leading a business, I am also called by Christ to lead by example… this includes how I manage my money).

Recently I’ve discovered a financial paradigm that is proving quite helpful. In fact, on our last date, Sherri and I spent quite a bit of time discussing our finances based on this paradigm.  We want to be:

  • Diligent Earners
  • Generous Givers
  • Wise Savers
  • Cautious Debtors, and
  • Prudent Consumers

(This paradigm was developed by Good Sense Ministry).

What do you think about this financial paradigm? Would it prove helpful for you?

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