Proof that I own a suit

Last weekend I preached in a suit. Not because I like it, but because I lost a bet. The Phillies lost the world series to the Yankees… and I had made a bet on them.

The bet was with a friend, Bruce, who is a Yankees fan. We agreed that if the Phillies won he would wear jeans with his shirt pulled out and receive the offering… right up the middle aisle. And if the Yankees won I would preach in a suit. The Yankees won. I preached in a suit.

Funny thing happened… a number of the guys on our team donned suits and joined me! And now there are pictures to confirm the whole thing!

paul in a suit

paul and the guys in suits

3 thoughts on “Proof that I own a suit

  1. Paul, you know I am not generally in favor of gambling…. but I am in favor of having a good time with your team of men and in cheering for the Phillies. Thanks for living among your guys, not above them.

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