Church180 starting 2010

February is a HUGE month in the brand new life of Church180.

Here is some of what’s coming down the pike:

Next Sunday (February 7) is “That Day”!

Everyone has had a day or an experience that they later look back on and say something like this, “On that day my life changed.” Next Sunday will be “That Day” for a lot of people. Presley Melton was 15 when she almost died in a car accident. The doctors told her parents to prepare themselves for the inevitable… their daughter was going to die. She didn’t. Presley is now 19 and filled with energy and enthusiasm for life… an enthusiasm that flows from a vital connection to God! She is going to be sharing her story and we’re going to be inviting people to make February 7, 2010 their “That Day” as they connect with God.

February 14th is our re-launch. We will be kicking off our re-launch with a teaching series called “His, Hers, Ours.”

During this teaching series we are going to be clarifying what a healthy marriage requires. It’s going to be a fun and helpful series for a lot of people!

Leading up to re-launch we will be:

  • Saturating our area with direct mailers, Facebook ads, etc.
  • Launching a new website
  • Completing the renovation of our building
  • Preparing our new Family Ministry space for our children
  • Putting the finishing touches on some key systems
  • Shoring up our volunteer base
  • And lots of other fun stuff…

But most importantly…

  • We will be hosting a special night of prayer prior to our re-launch

February is going to be a great month! It is the first month of chapter two in the story of this church!

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