Church180 awarded for serving at Ebinport

Last night Pastor Alex, his bride Angela and myself received an award from the Rock Hill School district (read about it here).

Afterward we had a picture taken (the tall man in the green shirt is Principle Shane Goodwin and the lady in the purplish jacket is Dr. Moody, the superintendent of Rock Hill Schools, the studly looking dude holding the award is Church180’s Family Pastor, Alex Miranda, and lovely bride is in green, Angela.)

We learned so much from this award ceremony, but perhaps the biggest takeaway was the value that volunteers add to our community by serving the schools! In the midst of $12 million worth of budget cuts, volunteers saved the school district $1.5 million dollars last year!

I’m proud of Church180 and look forward to taking our service to the next level!

We’ve got some big projects that we’re working on to add value to our community partner, Ebinport Elementary! Details to come soon!

To all of you who volunteer at Ebinport, Thank you!

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