I like Joe Sangl

It wasn’t too long ago that I didn’t even know how to balance a checkbook! It’s only been in the last 4 years of our life that I have assumed an active role in the financial arena of our life. Prior to that I abdicated that role AND the corresponding pressure to my bride. Though she did a great job it wasn’t fair to her. I earned and spent without a clue and it, more often than not, fell her role to either say “We can’t” or to figure out how “We can” after we did!

Prior to our excursion into the church planting world I encountered Dave Ramsey. I read his book, Total Money Makeover and the journey began.

As our journey commenced, I met a man named Casey Graham. Casey changed my life. He taught a financial class called Re-Think Money. Sherri and I attended this seminar FIVE TIMES! I learned how to create a budget, balance a checkbook, create a “Kill-Debt Plan”, and much more! Most importantly though, I learned to be an active participant in the financial arena of our home, and even assume leadership responsibilities.

Casey was my “Go-To” man when it came to money. Since those days he has transitioned his focus from individuals to organizations and now is the founder and president of “The Change Group.” I have urged him many times to continue teaching the Re-Think Money seminar but his focus is clear for now. Maybe someday I can talk him into it!

Some time ago Casey turned me on to a guy named Joe Sangl.

Joe is my new Casey.

I just finished Joe’s book I Was Broke Now I’m Not.

Here’s why I like Joe – I’m a simple man. Joe makes money simple.

In 121 pages Joe simplifies topics like:

  • How to plan your life goals and create a budget to help you accomplish them
  • How to eliminate debt
  • The power of compound interest
  • Income – Outgo = exactly zero (his formula for a winning financial plan)
  • How and why to create a savings fund

In addition to these topics (and more) Joe has a website with tons of FREE tools and documents – (click here to visit his site). In addition to his website, you can also visit his blog for a continual stream of financial insight (click here to check it out).

So, I’m not mad at Casey Graham any longer. Why? Because I’ve found Joe Sangl!

I like Joe!

2 thoughts on “I like Joe Sangl

  1. Paul
    What’s the difference between what Casey/Joe teach vs. Ramsey? Apart from your own personal connection. Not minimizing that but just curious.

  2. Love the Dave Ramsey stuff. Went through his Financial Peace University twice. Hubby & I are now in week 11 of 13 leading FPU here at our church. Looking forward to the day (soon) when we can say, “We’re debt-free!”
    Thanks for the word on your other favorite financial gurus, Paul!

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