World Care updates

It’s getting closer!

Next week the team from Mountain Lake Church will be rolling into town and together we (2 churches from 2 different states and 2 different denominational backgrounds) will be coming together for one reason… we love Jesus and want to show the world, starting in our backyard, that He loves them!

Because we (the church) are His body we should be doing the things that He would do! We believe He would care for children who can’t help themselves, and because we believe that we are going to refresh a cafeteria and put a new roof over the heads of homeless children! We will literally impact hundreds of children!

Do you think they’ll think differently about the church and Jesus after this?

Here’s how we’re going to do that…

If you are a part of Church180, sign up this weekend to let us know what team you’re on!

If you are a part of the Mountain Lake Team, we can’t wait to work side by side with you to expand the influence and love of Jesus!

If you don’t go to either church, you can still be a part of these work teams! E-mail me us at!

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