Mike and Rose got married!

Saturday was a great day for Mike and Rose, Church180 and me.

Mike and Rose have been together for 22 years. On Saturday they got married.

Mike and Rose have seen some tough days. They have experienced a lot of things that would stagger most of us and yet they keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Mike and Rose live at Pilgrims Inn and attend Church180.

Last week Mike was a critical team player in putting the new roof on Pilgrims Inn.  I got to know Mike better and my respect for him has grown. He is a hard worker and a good man.

On Saturday I saw Church180 and Pilgrims Inn love Mike and Rose real good! I watched as everyone pitched in to make a memorable day for these two wonderful people.

In a day filled with highlights, one of my favorite was when Virgil Dey (one of our pastoral team) escorted the lovely Rose down the aisle and gave her away in a beautiful ceremony. In the absence of “family” the church stepped up and filled gap just fine!

It is exciting to watch Mike and Rose move from brokenness to wholeness.

God bless you Mike and Rose.

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