After church thoughts (9/12/10)

Today was another of several “firsts” for Church180.

Today we started a second service.

To make our community aware of this service and the teaching series and to invite them to join us, we sent out mailers to every family within a ten mile radius in our community (12,187 families). We didn’t get the expected return on those mailers (typically it is thought that you can expect a 1% return), but we did connect with several new families and the feedback was positive. In both services people were engaged in and moved by the sermon, and there also appeared to be a good connection with the C180 team before and after church. Way to go you friendly people! Keep it up!

Next week we will have another round of mailers landing in the same mailboxes, so it will be interesting to see what happens over the course of the next several week in terms of the number of people that respond.

In thirteen years of ministry and seven years of parenting I have never preached a series on parenting. This is the first. I’m excited about this teaching series and believe it will be a life changer for a lot of people.

A few cool things:

  • We made “Experience Guides” for families. These are books with a reading and a question or two for every weekday. We are calling our church to think deeply about parenting for the next five weeks and to help them do that we are putting this resource in their hands. Considering that they were almost all gone, I have to conclude it went over well.
  • Several people said that they have been struggling with “parenting issues” and then this mailer landed in their mailbox! One lady said, “It was an answer to prayer!”
  • I am excited about the racial diversity that is beginning to occur in our church. I want Sunday at Church180 to look like Monday in the workplace. I’m grateful to a few families who have made a decision to plug in. You open the door and make it easier for others to connect too. Thank you.
  • In October we are launching a student ministry and it looks like it is coming at the right time. More and more people are asking about this for their kids (grades 6-12).
  • Though I used to preach four services every weekend, it’s been a while and today, after two, I came home and crashed! Not even football could keep me awake! I’ll get used to it again soon though!
  • We are going to be posting our sermons online soon! Today was recorded and we’ll have it up soon!
  • Thanks to each of our volunteers who stepped up and made for a good day.

OK! It’s time to wrap it up!

Have a great night and I’ll see you next Sunday!

One thought on “After church thoughts (9/12/10)

  1. thankyou paul, we love to here from you and about the girls. We do pray for you and your ministry. I wish you were still here, as we do miss you and your family so much.

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