God’s way is the only way

Reading from E. Stanley Jones book, “Is the Kingdom of God Realism?” I came across a thoughtful quote from JohnMacMurray.

Read it slowly. Process it and then let me know what you think.

When men set out to achieve an intention which is contrary to the divine intention, they do not achieve it. They achieve something they do not intend…. There is no need for an intervention of God to frustrate the purposes of men who are in opposition to Him, since they cannot be in opposition to Him without being in opposition to themselves. They themselves are, after all, God’s act, and His intention is embodied in their nature. To act in defiance of the will of God is to attempt the impossible. But that does not mean that we have achieved nothing. On the contrary, we have achieved something which we did not intend. The situation we have produced is not determined by our intention. It is determined by the nature of reality, by the nature of our own reality, which we are negating. Then whether our intention conforms to the purpose of God or opposes it, we cannot achieve anything but the purpose of God.

As you consider this premise, reflect on this verse of Scripture:

“The way of the LORD is a refuge for the righteous, but it is the ruin of those who do evil.” (Proverbs 10:29 NIV)

One thought on “God’s way is the only way

  1. I wrestle with discerning the will of God on a regular basis. In the OT, priests discerned the will of God by asking a closed-ended question and then picking a stone/gem out of a pouch. The color of the gem would determine whether God was saying “Yes” or “No.” We also see in the OT the casting of lots to discern God’s will. Then in the NT we have Holy Spirit who helps us discern God’s will. Only I struggle with this…is the H.S. leading me or is it my own self-deception? Often I find myself praying, “Lord protect me from myself!” So after praying, seeking others Godly counsel, and reflecting (i.e. thinking with God in mind), I come to a decision that I hope is God’s will, but I am never 100% certain. Then I pray, “Lord if my decision is not in your will, please shut the door.” I’m open to any suggestions on how to better discern God’s will so I am conforming to His purpose.

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