Happy Birthday Lexington

Today Lexington turned 8 years old!

I can’t believe it!

Lexington, I’m so proud of you. Yesterday we met with your teachers and they just love you. You are learning so much and doing so well! Your smile lights up the room and you always bring good cheer to everyone in the room. Your assistant principle loves when you greet her in French in the mornings. Eating lunch with you today was simply the best! Your friends and teachers all love you and I can see why.

At home you are amazing! The songs you sing, the jokes you make, the dances we dance all make me smile! Your perseverance as you work hard on your homework makes daddy proud. The way you comfort your sisters when they are hurt and the way you share your toys make me thank God regularly for the light you bring into our home.

I’m proud of you Lexington. You are my favorite Lexington in the whole wide world!

And so what did my favorite Lexington get for her birthday? Earrings!

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