Thoughts on the incarnation (1)

With the help of Thomas Oden and his wonderful interactions with the early church fathers, I am reflecting on the incarnation of Christ.

This morning I read this from St. Augustine (as quoted by Oden):

“Let us grant that God can do something which we confess we cannot fathom. In such matters the whole explanation of the deed is in the power of the Doer.”

The incarnation (aka God becoming man) is certainly one of those things which I “cannot fathom.” My intellect and words fall far short of what would be required to adequately explain this divine-but-necessary-for-salvation miracle.

What is true is that history has confirmed this event and the personal experiences of millions across the centuries stand witness to the veracity of the claims of Scripture that God became a man and his name was Jesus.

Thank you God for sending us your Son, Jesus.

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