Who I want to be in our church

My friend and mentor Shawn Lovejoy just wrote a book called, “The Measure of Our Success.”

In this book he says, “Who our church is reaching is more important than how many our church is reaching.” I agree.

As a leader it is only natural for me to want the church I pastor to grow. I don’t apologize for that. However, I will not be content with just any kind of growth. I want to grow because the unchurched of our community discover a safe place to hear a dangerous message!

I want Church180 to be a place where the people most unlikely to go to church… go to church.

I want for God to use the men and women of our church to create a place where we are honest with one another, respect one another, love one another, encourage one another, help one another, pray for one another, and serve one another.

I want for Church180 to be a place where the most unlikely people will discover that Jesus and His people are good.

I want for our church to be filled up with drug/alcohol/porn/gambling and all other kinds of addicts. I want our seats to be filled with homosexuals and heterosexual couples who are living together outside of marriage. I want to see the abusers and the abused. I want the lonely, discouraged, weak, and angry. I want people that think suicide is the only way out. I want those kinds of people.

Now here’s the truth…

As God brings “those kind of people” to our church it is absolutely necessary that everyone step up and serve. Helping people discover God and friends is not just the pastor’s job. It is the life expectation of every Christian.

I want everyone at Church180 to be involved in other people’s lives… listening, teaching, encouraging, praying, serving, loving. What God is calling us to will require the maximum input of everyone.

Secondly, I know that as this happens many will not understand. Some will leave our church. Others will criticize and ridicule. That’s okay.

We are not here to please people. Just God. That’s it. We are here only to please God. And do you know what pleases Him? When we love people… especially those who are disconnected from Him.

I am praying and working towards this end. I will be calling the men and women of our church to join me in this cause. Together we will be a force for Jesus in Rock Hill and we will change the way people think about our leader (Jesus) and his people (Christians).

Are you in?

3 thoughts on “Who I want to be in our church

  1. great post! I recently heard someone say that if our churches say they don’t care about numbers or what people come to their church, they are really saying, all of those numbers and people that we don’t have can (and I quote) “go to hell”. We HAVE to care about the people and the numbers, because the numbers represent PEOPLE who are on their way to hell.
    We cant wait to come visit your area one of these days!

  2. Absolutely wonderful. I love it. It’s so refreshing when you see someone who truly gets what a church is really supposed to be about. Christ died for all sinners, yet sometimes we find it hard to even acknowledge, let alone welcome, those who are viewed as being “too” sinful. What an amazing thing to see those who need Him most finding Him.

  3. I’m glad that there was a church that reached out to this addict and showed me how to be a Christ follower And now I’m gratfull to be able to go to a chuch that I’m able to reach out and serve others

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