Working with a part-time/volunteer team

ooVoo_2014-07-17At Church180 we have a great team of pastors (missing in the picture above is our student pastor and our administrative assistant). Only one of our pastors is full time so we have to get creative to find a space where we are all available to meet and communicate.

One of the things that is working really well for us these days is online meetings!

We are currently using GoToMeeting. (The screen shot above was taken when we were experimenting with OoVoo).

Every Tuesday Night at 9 p.m. we connect online. Everyone takes a turn giving updates and asking questions that pertain to their area of oversight. It is a great opportunity to catch up, eliminate silos, and maintain organizational clarity.

This meeting takes one hour. After the meeting our administrative assistant sends out notes of the meeting to our executive pastor and myself.

Throughout the week I meet with our pastors on a one-to-one basis to trouble shoot, encourage, and plan ahead.

Once a month our pastors and spouses all huddle together for some “play time.” We believe that the team that laughs together is much better equipped to work hard together.

Another resource that is working great for our team these days is all the tools on Google Drive! From calendars, to excel spreadsheets, to the ability to upload and share photos… we use this a lot! We can create, share, and edit documents online without having to meet face to face. Some documents that are always on include:

  • Our teaching calendar
  • Upcoming Event planning
  • Budget
  • Church/staff activity calendar

And then of course there is always texting, e-mail, and phone calls.

So, the three things that are making it possible for a part-time team doing full time work are:

  • Weekly online meetings that keep us aware of the details.
  • Shared documents on Google Drive that keep the details in order.
  • Monthly team huddles that keep us laughing together.

If you work with a part-time and volunteer team what tools are you finding helpful?

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