Five Favorites Friday

Heading into this new season of life I want to start blogging again.

Tim Ferris does something that I really like. He calls it 5 Bullet Friday. Every Friday he sends out his favorite things from the week.

I like that, so I’m going to take a page out of his book and do it on my blog too! All of it is of interest to me, but you’re welcome to anything you find helpful too!  Welcome to “Five Favorite Friday”!

  • Shawn Lovejoy wrote a list of “25 Lessons Learned From 25 Years of Marriage.” Sherri and I have printed it out and are talking our way through it. There’s a TON of goodness in this list!
  • As I prepare for this next season of life, I’m inspired by this chaplain who is at the top of his game spiritually and physically. 
  • I’m finishing up week one of Jim Wendler’s strength training program called 5/3/1. I’ve run this program before and never been disappointed. It’s good to be getting under some heavy weight again! (This article explains the programWARNING TO MY MOM – it does have some salty language).
  • The newest app I’ve downloaded and use daily is Libby. I am listening to a lot of books these days and Libby (and Overdrive) let me listen to LOTS of books for FREE!!! (I found a lot of additional resources for free audiobooks from Money Saving Mom.)
  • The purchase I’m enjoying the most right now is the “Slingshot Hip Circle” from Mark Bell! It activates my hips and glutes prior to squats and deadlifts! I use it on most days as part of my warmup routine!

There it is gang! If you’ve found something helpful on here I’d love to hear back from you in the comments! 

Have a great weekend!

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