What would happen if we prayed?

I was looking through the Bible this morning asking some questions about prayer.

I came across a verse that is sticking with me.

It is found in Acts 2:42. This verse describes the activities of the new Christians in the early church.

Luke (the author of Acts) writes, “[The new Christians] joined with the other believers and devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, sharing in the Lord’s Supper and in prayer.

Basically what was happening here was that the new believers were going somewhere with other new believers to learn more about this new way of life, enjoy the company of other believers, celebrate what Jesus had done for them, and PRAY!

So I started thinking… what would happen if we got together and prayed?

I’m not talking about the “Prayer Meetings” that most of us are familiar with, where a bunch of people get together, B.S. for fifty-five minutes and then pray for five. That’s ridiculous. Most of the time these “Meetings of Prayer” are just glorified gossip centers and a place for the person with the biggest mouth… okay, I’m going to stop now.

I’m talking about getting together with a group of people and REALLY getting serious with God!

I mean serious to the point of tears! Serious to the point where our hearts are breaking because of the weight we feel for our friends and family! Serious because we know that we may be the only person(s) representing our friends/family to God!

Oh God… I want to pray like this!

A great pattern for prayer that I’ve recently learned is PATH:

  • Praise God for being such an innovative, gracious, wise Leader. Tell Him what you think about Him and express your gratitude for His goodness in your life.
  • Ask God. This is where we tell Him about the people in our lives that we love (or need to love more)! We pray for the needs of others. We pray for our own needs. We go to our Father in Heaven and ask Him to meet others and our needs.
  • Thank God for the prayers He has answered and the promises He has made. Thank Him for being kind to you and others. Thank Him for loving you!
  • HELP! Ahhhh… this is the part where you say, “I can’t! I need help!” Help in loving your grumpy boss. Help as you seek to develop the discipline of self-control. Help as you try to pray more consistently. Help as you seek to make the right decision. HELP!

I just wonder what would happen if we would pray more?

4 thoughts on “What would happen if we prayed?

  1. Funny you should post this. When our new pastor started our new services, he wanted people to be praying over each service. I am one of those people. For one hour, another person & I pray for the service, the pastor, the congregation, the community, the world. I cannot even begin to explain the blessings that drench me during that time. I have cried many times, my heart so heavy that surely it would burst.

    I know that this is growing me into a warrior – and I LOVE it! I am out there, in the trenches, in some of the dog fights, watching the Hand of my LORD move. Astounding, to say the least. It puts a fire in your heart like nothing else ever could.

  2. This is great stuff, Paul. Is it an original acrostic? May I use it? I’ve been stuck on the ACTS acrostic for too long. This would be a great “freshness” to a precious discipline of corporate and personal prayer.

  3. Great Acrostic! I heard a simple prayer today that I am beginning to say, its the prayer of st francis super paraphrased.

    God help me to love, comfort, and understand rather than seeking to be loved, comforted, and understood.

  4. I’m reading a book with my mom’s group called “Tender Mercies For A Mother’s Soul” and this past week was about soul care. Specifically spending time in the presence of God–not just sending up quick prayers throughout the day but being intentional about spending time. So last night I went ahead and did some reading and then just stopped to pray. What a difference today was. And I know this. I don’t know why I don’t take advantage of the time daily. I have the time. Obviously because I’m awake at 10:50 pm CST typing this. I forget to pray over things I am unsuccessful in. I forget to tell God that I am incapable and need Him to take over. Good reminder and it seems “coincidental” don’t you think? 🙂

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