Things kids say

Good grief! We were sitting at breakfast this morning when my soon to be four year old little girl asked me, “Daddy, why do people dead?”

Being the parental interpreter that I am I quickly determined that she meant to say, “Why do people die?”

I stuttered and stammered my way through a theological/philosophical pile of verbal crap before I finally said, “Baby, daddy’s gonna have to get back to you on that one!”

5 thoughts on “Things kids say

  1. Hey paul, just wanted you to know one of my favorite parts about your blog is hearing from “the ladies”. Sounds like the Peterson house is great fun. I’m so glad you’re at MLC and it was great to hear your vision this week.

  2. Oh man. My daughter asked me, “what happens when people die?” as I was closing her bedroom door for bedtime. What do you do with that? I did the same as you. I told her we’d talk about when it wasn’t bedtime.

  3. I did the same thing the first time I got asked that question by my oldest son. I got back to him with a pretty good answer so for son #2, I was ready. He asked, I told him and he blankly looked at me and said, “Mom, I know that stuff….I want to know if the bugs eat you?” Not quite what I was thinking…

  4. Here’s my favorite quote. Chugging coffee one morning, I turned to my daughters and asked, “What does mommy call this?” To which they replied, “The elixir of life!” (more like the “lickser” of life). Then the oldest, 7 at the time said, “MOM… (you know, that sarcastic tone), you’re wrong: GOD is the elixir of life!”

  5. Hi, I can understand just how u felt at that question. A couple of weeks back, my four year old went up to his grandmother and asked her when she was going to die ? Thankfully, she didnt make a fuss and asked him why he wanted to know. Pat came the answer- “When u die, God will come to take u, and I want to see God. So, please tell me when u are going to die !”
    We didnt know whether to laugh or cry….and we definitely didnt know how to answer him….

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