How to clean a guinea pig

guinea pigIn our home we have three guinea pigs (in addition to an English Mastiff, a bearded dragon, a bunch of fish, and almost as many kids).

Guinea pigs make great pets… especially if you have a lot of kids who all want a pet! They are small, fairly clean, and relatively low maintenance. They are also safe for children.

Our kids can only have a pet once they establish that they are responsible enough to care for it. Sherri and I have our hands full with the care and feeding of people… we don’t need the responsibility of another mouth… even if it is an animal. 😉

Having said that, we do check in occasionally to see that the animals are neither dead nor living in squalor.

This morning I had a conversation with one of our daughters (she shall rename anonymous) that went like this:

Her: do you know how I clean my guinea pig when I run out of shampoo?

Me: No bud. How?

Her: I lick her.

Me: You what?!

Her: I lick her. That’s how she cleans herself so I thought I could do it too.

Me: You lick her?

Her: Yes!

Me: Go tell your mom!

And there you have it. One more way to clean your guinea pig… and save money in your budget ’cause you don’t need to buy shampoo!


Family defined

Dallas turned 6 on Wednesday! (Happy Birthday Princess!)

We went to her class to take her cake and celebrate her birthday with her friends.

Outside the classroom were several large sheets of paper with this question on the top:

We set to looking to see what Dallas had written… how she defined “family.” We found it. See if you can find it.

Well, I suppose that based on her experience that definition may be true, but it appears that we have some teaching to do!

Worms poop too

This post has no spiritual value. It does not contain a leadership or life principle, but it does make a very true biological statement… but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Dallas, our five year old explorer, is interested in worms. Right now at school, her class is building a worm farm and learning about worms.

For the last several mornings Dallas has made sure that we save our egg shells, banana peels and apple cores because, “Worms eat those!”

This morning as we were getting in the car to go to school, Dallas found a worm on the sidewalk. She “rescued” it, and we decided that it would be a great addition to the worm farm at her school.

During the three minute trek to school Dallas generously let her sister, Reagan, hold the worm, during which time the worm pooped on Reagan’s hand.

As Reagan was proclaiming aloud her disgust and disapproval and wondering what to do with it Dallas calmly pointed out to all of us, “It’s natural. Worms poop too.”

And so there you have it. A very true and possibly even helpful biological insight… worms poop too.

I have great armpits

armpitRecently we’ve started playing a little game around our house; often it’s played at the kitchen table. Each person will say something they like about the person next to them. This is one of the ways we are teaching and reinforcing the characteristic of kindness that we want to see in our children. (I wrote a post about the ten characteristics we want to see in our children and some ideas for instilling them. You can read it here.)

Anyhow, this morning it was one of “The Ladies” turn to tell me something that she likes about me. She turned to me and said, “Dad, I like your armpits.”