The value of systems…

Vision is the easiest part of leadership.

Anyone can have a vision. If you want something different or better than what you have or what you are experiencing and you have a sense of what it is you want… you have a vision.

So what is it that keeps people/organizations from achieving their vision? I suggest that one part of this answer is… systems!

Andy Stanley says, “Vision needs systems” (click here to read more about what he has to say about systems).

Systems answer the question, “How do we do it?”

The difference between leadership effectiveness and leadership impotence is the ability to create, evaluate, and revise the systems which will achieve the vision.

Granted, it is PEOPLE who are doing the work of the vision, but without a system there is a lack of intentionality, and a deficit of strategically effective effort.

The best gift you can give to your home, workplace, employees, ect. is a SYSTEM which answers in simple and easy steps, the question, “How do we do it?”

One more quote from Andy Stanley, “If you don’t approach problems systematically, you’ll blame people for problems that systems create.”

Leader, do the work and create systems that will allow your team/organization to acheive maximum effectiveness efficiently!

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