Why I go to church (or why I wear pants on Sunday)

Yes... I am a pastor so I kinda "have" to go. But even if I weren't... I would. A few years ago I wasn't actively preaching, so I decided to skip church for a few weeks. IT WAS AWESOME! I slept in... puttered around the house in my underwear for a while... cleaned the garage... … Continue reading Why I go to church (or why I wear pants on Sunday)

If I were you (what Seth Godin can teach the church/Christians)

A few days ago Seth Godin blogged another gem. I want to post his blog and add some comments that will be relevant to a church environment. My comments will be the bullet points. (Oh, and I've also bolded some of the  "stick out" lines in his blog post) "If I were you..." But of course, you're … Continue reading If I were you (what Seth Godin can teach the church/Christians)

It’s fight time

People are in the fight of their lives. They are fighting for their marriages... they are trading blows with a fragile economy that threatens their jobs, homes, savings and stands over them with debt... they are working to beat down addictions... they are struggling to overcome their past... they are wrestling with obstacles on their … Continue reading It’s fight time

A reminder: it’s not about you and me

Yesterday Bob Roberts had a string of tweets that are worth sharing: Every truly great move of God in my church start with a loss of people - but wound up gaining a lot more Kingdom growth & church growth are not always aligned - when they are - get out of the way - sumpin's … Continue reading A reminder: it’s not about you and me

Pastors, burnouts, affairs, and a ministry that lasts

Today I learned that a pastor who has mentored me, served on an advisory team for our church plant, and been very influential in my thinking on church systems has admitted to a 2+ year affair. I also learned on Sunday that a friend of mine who pastors a church locally resigned last Sunday. Reportedly, … Continue reading Pastors, burnouts, affairs, and a ministry that lasts

Westboro Baptist Church and Christians

Sometime ago our family had lunch with a genuine biker dude. He was covered in tattoos, fully clad in leather, hairy and kind of dirty... but he was a GREAT guy! We really enjoyed his company, and our girls just loved him! During our conversation I asked him about motorcycle gangs. He said, “Bikers talk about the … Continue reading Westboro Baptist Church and Christians

We may be too proud

Humility: the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one's own importance, rank, etc. (dictionary.com) It seems that humility is a missing virtue in our culture in general and, to our shame, the church in particular. It seems to me, after evaluating my own heart, reading twitter, facebook, blogs, and hearing conversations from church leaders and church attenders … Continue reading We may be too proud

A good night… a great start

Last night I had the privilege of speaking at Christ Deliverance Church in Rock Hill, SC.  My friend Alvin Murdock is the pastor. Christ Deliverance Church is an African American Church. It was a good night. Pastor Alvin and I have had some incredible talks about race, racism and how healing might occur. Last night … Continue reading A good night… a great start