Working on Systems

Today I’m listening to and taking a lot of notes from Nelson Searcy’s teaching on systems.

Systems, the “how we do it” part of an organization, are such a critical part of any organization, but particularly to the church!

We are pouring a TON of energy and time into developing the systems of Walls Down Church!

A few resources we’ve found helpful are:

How are we working on our systems?

We have developed a blog called “The Walls Down Way” in which we are working through our systems.

This is NOT rocket science and neither does it require genius! It simply requires that you put pen to paper and write out your plan… and then work it.

I’m linking to this blog so that you can see what it looks like to begin developing systems. As you will see, our systems are all still in the construction phase with plenty of editing left to be done.

You may agree or disagree with what you see… that is not important. What is important is that each system is being thought through and written down.

And with no further delay… the link to our systems blog.

6 thoughts on “Working on Systems

  1. You probably have them, but a few key books that I’ve found excellent in terms of thinking through systems and structure are :
    Andy Stanley’s books “The Seven Practices of Effective Ministry” and “Creeating Community” really really helpful.
    Thom Rainer & Eric Geiger’s book “Simple Church.”
    And that classic “Good to Great” by Jim Collins.
    But I know that I can learn alot more and I thank you for sharing you journey with us, iron sharpen iron.

  2. Thanks for sharing your resources. After I’m done with typing this comment, I am checking out your systems blog. Stay bless and continue to let God direct your path.

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