Las Vegas – Day 2

Wow! I’m wiped out!

We handed out FREE water bottles, Ramen noodles, Starbucks coffee to students on the UNLV campus and invited them to 520. 520 is a ministry for college age students held in a bar on Sunday nights. One of the things that these guys at Grace Point do so well is that they show up every week to serve these students! I was blown away by the students reaction to FREE stuff!

One of the most frequently asked questions from the students was, “What denomination are you guys?” When we told them “non-denominational” they breathed a sigh of relief! I was surprised at the level of antipathy towards denominations.

After serving on the UNLV campus, we went to a busy intersection and passed out bottles of water… again for FREE. The bottles had “Grace Point Church” labels on them. It was a cheap way to market the church and a nice treat for people on their way home. Again, I was surprised at people’s surprise that they were getting something for free.

I got sunburned, as you can see in this wonderful picture of my new farmer’s tan, and I even got a bit dehydrated! This dry heat is something else! (In case you’re wondering, I do have a permit for these guns.) 8)

After serving we took a break for a couple of hours and then headed out to the strip! WOW!

A few thoughts about the Vegas strip…

  • I had to turn my head so fast so many times it may have damaged my neck! There is sexual temptation everywhere. My heart hurts for the girls who are being “used” to sell the stuff around here. They are simply a commodity in Vegas (and other places as well). Who will love them when they start to sag and wrinkle? This hurts my heart and makes it easier for me to not look at them as commodities.
  • Everything here is BIG and ostentatious.
  • When it comes to creating environments around here, nothing is left to chance. From pumping fresh oxygen into the casinos to the music that is played on the streets… they go to extraordinary measures to create a welcoming environment.
  • I hit Joe Lewis in the jaw! A career in the UFC may be upcoming.

      • The water show in front of the Bellagio was nothing short of incredible!

      • We six men liked referring to ourselves as “Oceans Six.” 8)

        OK… I’m outa here!

        4 thoughts on “Las Vegas – Day 2

        1. Welcome to campus ministry. Each fall we have “merchant fairs” on campus where local businesses and student organizations all try to get the attention of the students by giving away free stuff. The problem is that ministries like ours don’t have massive budgets like businesses to buy stuff to give away. So…you do what you can.


          One of the best giveaways we do is boxes of mac and cheese. Or free deodorant. Or free cups. Or free whiteboards. You learn quickly that students love the freebies. Because they have no money.

          I also have been surprised at the level of apathy towards denominations here. “Brand loyalty” (for lack of a better phrase) no longer exists in this generation. Our name is “Christian Campus House” and therefore, we draw several from all walks of faith. More so than say, “The Lutheran Center” or “The Wesley House” or “The Baptist Student Union.”

          Campus ministry is great! And it looks like you guys are doing some great work there in Vegas. Nice job.

        2. Hey Paul,
          as you know, Church Growth is a big deal for us at Temple. How did you guys get the water bottles with the church logo on them? That is a great idea and very simple. Why didn’t I think of that? I would love to do something like that with our church youth group. That would be a great ministry. By the way, I love your blogs, they’re great and always encouraging. Thanks


        3. Paul, great blogs man. As far as the permit for the guns, I didn’t know they required a permit for sub-compact guns. :)-


        4. I noticed the pic of your “guns” you were trying to show off….Don’t worry! Your guns will be fine in Cinci.. Cincinnati gun law states… No permit needed for small firearms such as BB guns, pelet guns, paintball guns, water guns or finger guns… Therefore if those “guns” you were showing off in the picture happen to grow before you get there and become big enough to be considered one of those….you still wont need a permit lol!!

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