Back @ Mountain Lake for a day

Sitting in the Dayton International (ha ha) airport getting ready to fly to Atlanta! Jeff Murphy and I will be at all four Mountain Lake Church services tomorrow. Shawn and the team are going to celebrate what Mountain Lake is doing through their church planter's residency program. They're going to give some info about where … Continue reading Back @ Mountain Lake for a day

Getting ready to move

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes... Yelling at little girls for unpacking boxes... apologizing for yelling... helping repack the boxes... Trying to figure out what goes, what gets tossed, what gets sold, and what gets given away... Playing with little girls... helping them make the third move for two of them and a second move for … Continue reading Getting ready to move

Wrapping up our coaching network

Today is the last time our coaching network will meet. Over the last six months a group of 10-12 church planters have sat around a table once per month and talked about "The Best Practices": Being mean about the vision Financing the mission Thinking team Rethinking discipleship Nurturing vitality These coaching sessions have been insightful … Continue reading Wrapping up our coaching network


Right now I'm sitting in the next to last Church Planter's Coaching Network meeting. Today we're going to discuss the last of the five "Best Practices" - Financing the Mission. teaches that the five "Best Practices" are: Be mean about the vision Think team Nurture vitality Re-think discipleship Finance the mission You can read … Continue reading Coaching