Cincinnati – Day Five

Day Five

  • We ate lunch with some of our good friends here in this area. We ate at McDonalds so our kids could play. Man, I’ve gotta tell you… I’m hating eating any place but Skyline or Goldstar these days. 😉 It was awesome spending time with friends. We’re looking forward to getting up here!
  • I had to get an emergency spark plug change on the van. While it was being done I was able to spend some time with another close friend in the area. As I listened to the story of the last several years of his life, I was so pleased at how God can take a wrecked life and make something worthwhile out of it! We did eat some Skyline while we waited on my van. That makes for a happy man.
  • Sherri and Rindy spent some time looking at some neighborhoods and spotted some possible meeting places! We’ll be checking them out tomorrow before we leave to go back to Georgia.
  • I missed my date with “The Ladies.” I’m not so happy about that. It’s been a really busy week filled with lots of travel and meetings. When we weren’t traveling or meeting we were looking at maps, making phone calls, or studying local demographics on the internet. I’m going to think of something special to make it up to them.

Tomorrow we’re going to visit Northbridge church’s first service! And then we’re going to “leaving on that midnight train for Georgia.”

One thought on “Cincinnati – Day Five

  1. Hey man…
    loved reading the journey for the week… it’s good to remember those early days again (only a couple of year back)… my advice, be patient and spend lots of time with people (especially leaders/potential leaders)…
    Finally, i know we’d really need to talk, but our vision is also to be a multi-site church… in fact we’re starting to look at how, when and where (hopefully 2009/2010) for a time-frame depending on God’s open-doors and provision for the future. Heard earlier about your multi-site wishes… email me or something

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