It happened before noon

Overflowed the toilet…

screwed up the blinds in the living room…

spilled a full glass of orange juice in the refrigerator and it ran out on the floor…

washed the baby’s hair with orange juice…

strategically placed orange juice all over the living room floor…

got dressed and undressed multiple times…

And all of this before noon!

8 thoughts on “It happened before noon

  1. I have a 3 year old who, blessedly, didn’t do any of those things TODAY, exactly, but has had her share of days like this.

    Parenting – what a fun job. God must feel the same way about us…

  2. Was she in time out all afternoon? I take it she didn’t have any accomplices. Love the picture!!

  3. Children are such a blessing…Remember enjoy that time while you can before you know it they will all be –off to college or married and you only have memories…Enjoy and laugh–Laughter is the spice of life—God Bless

  4. Perfection in motion… think of what she will accomplish in life when she figures out what she really wants to do!

    Your kids are the best!

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