Family pics

Last Sunday we had some family pics taken. As I looked over them I realized a few things:

  • God was really nice to me when He sent Sherri my way. I love her more today than I did seventeen years ago!
  • We have six diverse, beautiful, and talented daughters. The responsibility that comes with being “Dad” to all of these princess warriors is off the chart. I am reminded that prayer must be a part of my daily routine.
  • I hope my girls marry a man that loves them as much as I love their mom. And I hope they are even half the women their mom is.

OK, enough chest beating about my lovely ladies… Here are some pics for my journal and my friends.

paul and sherri

girls silly girls

paul and sherri kissing


A couple of weeks ago when Dallas and I were on our date we decided to do some rock scrambling.

One characteristic we want for our girls to possess is courage.

Courage is knowing that the task at hand is big and will require risk yet getting started anyhow. Courage is knowing that the trek will often require more than one move and getting started on the first one. Courage requires tenacity and risk. Courage steps up and puts the hand on the wall and begins the trek.

Another thing about courage is that what takes courage for me may be no big deal for you. Courage is relative to your size, age, resources, experience, etc.

What is common to all though is that the biggest break-through’s are typically preceded by some act or string of acts that required courage.

When Dallas scrambled to the top of the wall we had a party! Yelling! High-Fiving! Celebrating her success!  Courageous action preceded raucous celebration! And it will in your life too.

So, are you ready to put your hand on the wall and begin the climb?


Family defined

Dallas turned 6 on Wednesday! (Happy Birthday Princess!)

We went to her class to take her cake and celebrate her birthday with her friends.

Outside the classroom were several large sheets of paper with this question on the top:

We set to looking to see what Dallas had written… how she defined “family.” We found it. See if you can find it.

Well, I suppose that based on her experience that definition may be true, but it appears that we have some teaching to do!