Some waddup

A day in the life of a guy getting ready to plant a church:

  • Trying to think about getting incorporated, by-laws, 501(c)3’s and all that stuff!
  • Working on the operational budget for our church
  • Talking with my team about: systems, vision, the logistics of moving to another state, the roles we will play, personal lives, etc.
  • Raising money for our church – I’m on the phone, e-mailing, writing letters, and setting up meetings
  • Networking with church leaders both far and wide (not a reference to size)
  • Working with our team on our church prospectus
  • Setting up meetings to talk about systems, leadership, and the role of pastor and church in the lives of busy, professional people
  • Talking with other church planters… always looking for new ideas
  • Thinking about what all we have to do on our next trip to Cincinnati (find a house, set up a bank account, talk to schools and teachers for “The Ladies”, meet with potential core team, etc.)
  • Working on the logistics for the missions team from Mountain Lake Church that will be coming to Cincinnati in December
  • Getting ready to meet with my personal assistant (me) to: file and record receipts, file information and ideas that I’ve accumulated, set up meetings, respond to e-mails and phone calls, and wish desperately for another assistant!
  • Incredibly happy that I’ve found Jott. This little bit of technology is great for ideas that I get when I’m driving!
  • Feeling quite sad that between two of my friends in the last week there have been three babies lost.

So that’s about it… now I’ve gotta run to another meeting…

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