Some waddup

I do this “waddup” thing mostly as a journal for me on this church planting journey, but you sure are welcome to look in on it!

  • Today we’re leaving for Cincinnati to find a house! We are scheduled to look at 25 houses, and that does not include any we may find while on the ground! We are really looking at renting first. We will buy only if it’s, “the perfect place at the perfect price.”
  • This week we are talking with several Free Methodist leaders about our relationship with the FM church.
  • June 29th is our last official day of residency here at Mountain Lake Church. I will be writing more about our experience here, in the days to come.
  • My buddy, Danny, has gone on a “Gold Star Chili fast” until I eat with him again. On Wednesday night we will break that fast!
  • A friend of ours who is a “Project Manager” for a large organization has offered to detail and document all of the the Walls Down systems! We have accepted her proposal! I told her that we have thirteen systems. She smiled and said, “When I’m done, there will be 500.” Ohhh…. The cool thing about this is that from day one we will know exactly what needs to happen in every area of Walls Down, from volunteer recruitment and training to how we check in children! This HUGE!

3 thoughts on “Some waddup

  1. Paul!
    I am in Columbus today through Wed morning visiting friends. May God bless your house hunt! 😀

  2. Excited to see you moving up here in the maineville area. Don’t forget to let me know where you all are thinking about settling in. By the way Skyline is better!!!

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