Moved by Billy Graham

Today Sherri and I stopped by the Billy Graham Library. It was not a planned visit, just something that occurred to us to do as we drove past the exit on route 85. As we walked onto the grounds it was almost as if we were walking onto holy ground and entering into a divine appointment.

During our time there we were both deeply moved by stories, pictures, and quotes of how God powerfully moved through a North Carolina farm boy. These words by Billy Graham are illustrative of much of what we saw,

I was overwhelmed with the singular focus of this man and his family – to help people find Jesus.

I was struck by the role his parents played in his spiritual development and reminded again of the important role we play as parents. We do not know how God will use our children. Our job is to prepare them to be maximally used by God to bring good into this world as He so chooses.

I was also deeply moved by the relationship between Billy and his wife Ruth. He consistently said that she was the “best Christian” he knew, and he consistently looked to her and counted her as one of his key mentors and advisors. This picture says it all…

As we were leaving we stopped by one of the volunteers, shared our story with him and asked him to pray that the Spirit that led and empowered Billy Graham would go with us to Cincinnati. After leaving the building we sat on a bench in the woods and cried together as we asked God to use us to show His love to our children and the people we will minister to.

This day has been an inspiration and a confirmation of the clear vision God has called us to. It’s why we are starting Walls Down church – to tear down the walls that keep people from knowing Jesus and to help men, women, boys, and girls find the life Jesus promised.

3 thoughts on “Moved by Billy Graham

  1. Paul- I was very moved by your blog—Billy Graham has always been very special to me…When I was a little girl my parents used to watch him and I loved to hear their choir. One evening it espically touched me. That evening before I slept I prayed that God would someday allow me sing for him in the great Billy Graham choir—about 10 years ago I was asked to sing in the Billy Graham choir when he was in Buffalo—It dropped me to knees and full of tears…My childhood prayer was being answered and it was an experience I will never forget…I was so blessed that day…I am glad you were able to feel the power of God through the Great Billy Graham. Someday maybe I can visit there also. God Bless we love you…MAC

  2. Spontaneity at its best — God is a great arranger of impromptu exits and sights to be seen that weren’t on your schedule! 🙂

    I wonder what will be put in the Paul Peterson homestead in Cincinnati? A Gold Star Chili menu– no doubt! 😉 But I trust that it goes beyond that. Make sure you keep your journal up to date so that they have less research to do!

    Peace on you, your bride and your kids!

  3. Paul –

    I am so sorry to hear about your crisis. Your family is in my prayers.

    I had to post something because we were literally RIGHT THERE at the exact same time that you were. Granted we were not at the Billy Graham Library, but we were within miles of it all weekend, Monday and Tuesday. How crazy would it have been to bump into each other in Carolina of all places?

    Praying for you all.

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