Monday morning prayer

God, you are near. I believe this because the Bible tells me so. God, you love me and care what happens in my life. I believe this too because the Bible tells me so.

I wonder how you view me God? Do you see me scurrying around down here trying to make my own way with inadequate strength and a wisdom deficit? Do you watch as I flounder around in shallow water sometimes getting my feet under me and sometimes convinced that I’m going under for the last time?

Do you know how much I want to reflect your character in this world? Do you realize how frustrated I get when I fall so far short of the goal line? Do you realize that I know most of the theological answers regarding faith, grace, etc. but I still struggle to rest in grace believing that I’m good enough?

Sure, you know all of those things and you must experience amusement, disappointment, joy, pride, and hope as you watch me and help me work through these various life stages.

The bottom line here Lord is that I really do want to honor you. I want to mirror your character to Sherri, “The Ladies”, my friends, and those whom you are entrusting to my leadership.

Thank you for loving me, bearing with me, leading me, and trusting me.


3 thoughts on “Monday morning prayer

  1. Dude, I feel that way too, every day. Must be the Human Condition, no?

    Thanks for putting it in print. Somehow it seems more tangible to me, even though I know others struggle just like me.

    Rock on with your bad self!

  2. Paul–Pastor Andy once preached that when we pray we should also ask God to Love us, Search us, Change us and Use us I also added for God to heal me , not just physically but emotionally….I pray these everyday in my prayer time.Thanks for sharing your prayer… God bless you . You are a blessing …Keep up the good work say hello to Rindy and the boys. MAC

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