Your church is dead if…

Bill Easum (did you know he has a blog?) has written a great post in which he identifies the signs of a spiritually dead church. He says, spiritually dead churches:

  1. Have lost their sense of mission to those who have not heard about Jesus Christ and do not pant after the Great Commission;
  2. Exist primarily to provide fellowship for the “members of the club;”
  3. Expect their pastors to focus primarily on ministering to the members’ personal spiritual needs;
  4. Design ministry to meet the needs of their members;
  5. Have no idea about the needs of the “stranger outside the gates;”
  6. Are focused more on the past than the future;
  7. Often experience major forms of conflict;
  8. And watch the bottom line of the financial statement more than the number of confessions of faith.

In this article he identifies some key issues that must be addressed in order to bring life back to the church!

You can read the entire article here.

2 thoughts on “Your church is dead if…

  1. Paul,
    I printed the list to talk with the leadership team here about the analysis of our fellowship at Wyoming. Thanks for the link too.
    The worst part is sometimes our churches die and we continue propping them up in the corner and putting a root beer in their hands and compliment them on well they look today! THEY ARE DEAD and they don’t even know it and we are too afraid to say anything in response!
    Praying for you as you birth a baby church full of vitality!

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