Some Walls Down “waddup”

It’s been a while since I’ve explained the whole “waddup” thing, so let’s give it another whirl. According to one online dictionary, the term “Waddup” means “What is up?”

The point of the waddup posts is to let you know what’s going on. Got it? Aight! (southernese for “All Right).

  • Today we had our second staff meeting and set our calendar for the rest of the month. We identified specific projects to be accomplished, and carved out time on the calendar to accomplish each project.
  • Some of the bigger projects include:
  • developing and documenting our launch team strategy. In this strategy we are discussing how we connect with people and what “next steps” we want them to take as it gets closer to “launch time” for Walls Down Church!
  • creating an operational budget. This is different from a start-up budget which includes a large number of first-time and single purchases (e.g. a sound system, a website, etc.). The operational budget consists of those ongoing costs (e.g. facility rental, snacks for the volunteers, office supplies, etc.)
  • fleshing out our Informational Meetings scheduled for October. These meetings are designed to tell people the basics of Walls Down and invite them to join us in starting a new church.
  • planning for the Mountain Lake Church World Care team! A team of people from Mountain Lake Church will be making the trip from Cumming, GA to Cincinnati, OH on December 4-7! We’re beginning to schedule what will be happening on those days!
  • and the list goes on… and on… and on… and on…
  • This week we should have our office phone set up and a copier in house… my house! GRRRR… I don’t like having the office in my house, but for now that’s the way it must be.
  • Prompted by Tony Morgan’s blog post about Google apps vs. Microsoft Office, we made the decision to use Google Calendar to streamline our staff scheduling. No more Microsoft Outlook. We have been using gmail and Google Talk and are very likely to begin using Google docs. This decision has simplified calendaring and made online interaction easier! Thanks Google and Tony! For what it’s worth, if you’re a techie and disagree with me on this, please send all comments to
  • Good grief! This “nuts and bolts” stuff is killing me! I just want to preach!

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