Some waddup (Personal and Walls Down)

Recently we’ve been cranking…

  • Last weekend I was honored to speak at my friend and mentor, Tony McCollum’s church, Fusion Church. After church we got to spend some time over lunch with Fusion’s Executive Pastor, Stephen Lowe. I really dig these guys! They are meeting in a High School and have an insane ratio of kids to adults! They’re doing some good stuff with their kid’s ministry. My girls are still talking about what they learned there. Good job guys!
  • I just finished Bill Hybels’ book, Axiom. Hybels is a wise leader who has proven his metal over years of Christ-centered, results-oriented, integrity-filled leadership. This book crystallizes his leadership philosophy in 76 leadership axioms! It’s a must read for leaders of all stripes.
  • A friend of ours has just volunteered to help with much of the detail work of church planting: creating the various forms we will need, researching and comparing various purchases to be made, etc. I’m quite grateful for this! Thank you Sue!
  • This side of planting a church (i.e. the pre-launch side) requires a ton of hard, life-sucking work. I am looking forward to the life-giving stuff of ministry: teaching, loving on people, leading a team(s), etc. We keep pressing on though because a friend of mine taught me that, “Proper preparation prevents poor presentation”, and in this case what we’re presenting is destiny-changing stuff, so we need to make sure we’re ready to present well.
  • Next week we will have TWO of the four ladies heading out to school! I can’t believe it!
  • Sherri and I are back in the gym which means that we both live in a state of perpetual soreness. There’s something refreshing about the soreness that follows a good workout!
  • I am so frustrated with what’s happening to marriages all over this country. I hate it when marriages split… I HATE it!
  • I am in conversation with several potential team members for Walls Down. The hiring process for a no-income position at a church plant is more complex than what you might think.
  • There are so many new churches being planted all over the country these days. It’s incredible.

One thought on “Some waddup (Personal and Walls Down)

  1. I tell all my leaders I’ll pay them exactly what I get paid. They love it until I tell them how much….. I mean how little is really is. But I tell them its great come tax time, when you make nothing you get out of paying taxes đŸ™‚

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