I used to be a pothead

Last week I had the opportunity to visit my old home… Westfield, Indiana.

As I drove around that small town I reflected on what God has done in my life and was renewed with optimism for every person! The transformation in my life is incredible!

I moved out of my parent’s home when I was seventeen and moved into a series of different residences with different dudes. The last place I lived was in a trailer park in Eagletown, Indiana. These days of my life were marked by guilt, depression, disappointment, rage, and hopelessness. I smoked a ton of pot, drank what I could afford and tried many other alternatives to dim the pain and quiet the echoes of loneliness in my heart. None of it worked.

And then I found Jesus. Since then my life has taken a turn for the better. Sure, I still wrestle with attitudes, etc. that aren’t exactly Christ-like, but I like to say, “I’m not what I’m gonna be, but I’m a whole lot better than I used to be!” Thank you Jesus!

Here’s some pics for the journal:

The trailer park I lived in…
The lot and the porch where I used to live (our trailer was crap so they probably burned it as soon as we moved out!)
The truckstop I used to wash dishes at (My license had been suspended so I had to drive to work illegally every day! I looked for the shortest drive possible… this was it.)

I was embarrassed by my life. I lived in a crappy trailer with holes in the floor and no heat other than what we got from a single kerosene heater! I worked at a truckstop scrubbing pans for $6 an hour and was regularly humiliated when my friends would stop in to shoot pool and see me scrubbing pans and mopping floors. I was ashamed of how I talked, the habits that controlled my life, and the depths to which I had sunk.

Today I am a new man because of Jesus Christ. Today I am ridiculously optimistic about people. I believe that Jesus can transform anyone and that He wants to lead us into a “rich and satisfying life” (John 10:10)… and that’s why I am starting a new church, Walls Down Church. I’m not the first to be changed by His love, and I won’t be the last!

7 thoughts on “I used to be a pothead

  1. Dude, it’s pretty awesome to see what God has done in your life. What a difference Jesus Christ makes! I’m looking forward to what He’s going to accomplish through your ministry in the Queen City.

  2. Wow! That all sounds & looks familiar.
    Randy sings a song…”and although I’m still far from perfect, I’m even further still you see, from the life I lived just yesterday, before the Lord found me!”
    BTW, you are in serious, serious trouble for being in Westfield and not coming to see us. We are 15 min from there, man!
    Is there anywhere we could get ahold of some of your sermons recorded?

  3. Hi, Paul! I had no idea that you used to live in Westfield, IN. That’s where I live 🙂 Anyways…sounds like your life is full! Where are you guys now? I keep seeing things about your church, but I can’t figure where it’s at. Have a happy life!

  4. All I have to say is “WOW” That was a whole different person back then. I am glad that you finally got cleaned up and on the right track….you are definitely doing now what you were called to do! 🙂

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